Friday, September 2, 2011

Back-to-School Night & a VLOG video

 yes...Back-to-School did see us tomorrow..which is now yesterday...
Alani in one of her fav outifts...hello kitty shirt and skirt with what we like to call "strawberry shortcake leggings"....if you know Strawberry Shortcake you know why.
Blakey's take on back-to-school night:
didn't really like the classroom part
wanted to go see the paper eagle in the entry way
wanted to keep going and getting cookies and lemonade from the cafeteria
like the book fair part....he got to pick out a book too: Star Wars Lego Sticker book
Alani got a princess cupcake cookbook & a Barbie Fashion story book and a giant "pointing-finger" pen

We went and got chinese food for dinner...the first time I managed all the kids and baby by myself at dinner...a man just looked at me as he walked out and said, "wow, you've got your hands full".....
"yes, yes sir-ree-bob, I do...ha ha ha ha

After I got everyone in jammies, brushed teeth, tucked people in bed, cuddled and loved everyone, nursed baby...edited a video, typed my blogs...yes it's now 3am and I'm typing this...don't tell my mom, she just told me about a young guy that had a stroke and said I need more sleep. I agree, but if I sleep I get nothing done in the day with all the kids....I have to burn the midnight oil... that whole "sleep when the baby sleeps things" doesn't work...if I did that I would never write blogs, edit videos, read any email, or get anything get the idea.

oh yes!! so here's a NEW random vlog video for my poor little channel on youtube that I have NOT uploaded anything to in WAYYYY to's (go give it a hug with your eyes for me)....
please enjoy how I look and sound when I'm sick and my little baby love...oh she's so cute. Look how little she was in the intro and then now!

and don't worry....I am feeling wayyyy better now guys! Thanks for all the awesome remedies you guys posted on facebook!
Huge hugs love and giant pens from the book fair.... your kandee (who's going to bed now)


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