Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Face and Bumbo

this face gave me a "love attack"- that's when you're heart can take all the love that it feels in it's heart! ha ha ha
This is my little missy cutie face...she doesn't like to suck on pacifiers, but she likes to bite em like this!

 Bumbo's are great. I wish we had the cute pink or lavender one...but hey, this was a "hand-me-down" and I like this turquoisey color too, just the pink or even lime green ones are so cute! Alani had a lavender one when she was a baby...and as you can see we don't have that one anymore.

Baby sits in her Bumbo while I stand next to her and either inhale a meal or chug down a smoothie- which is what was happening in this picture when she made this face and I almost choked on my smoothie laughing!

I can't believe she's 8 months old already...I just want to hold her all day and stare at her little face..because I already feel like I am going to miss this age. I love her chubby hands and legs, her little baby voice babbling, and her precious little eyes that look at me with such love and mini-eyebrow raises, like her mama.

They are only babies for what feels like a few months....I just enjoy every moment. I still don't even mind waking up all night long, because it just means I get to cuddle her! I'll have years and years of sleeping through the night ahead of me!

sleepless but with a heartfull of love..... kandee


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