Monday, September 26, 2011

Look What We Found

Look what we found on our Sunday "Funtiquing" day....
what is "Fun-tiquing" you ask....
Well after church, then after our Mexican fiesta lunch, I wanted to go walk around our local antique store which always has the coolest treasures.
(I got my $5 dollar antique earrings I wore to the Emmy's there!)

But this is where I must mention that Jordan and his to other 14 year old friend were with us...
and it seems that most 14 year old boys are not fans of antique stores.
I promised them they would find cool treasures and think it was fun....
the did not get out of the car.

I again told them how fun it would be and that they needed to get out of the car.
Once inside, they were taking longer to look at everything than I was!

Among the treasures we saw (but did not buy)...were all the cool vintage Barbie doll carrying cases...
See the one's a Barbie and Midge doll case!
this it was it looked like had little pink drawers and a little bar to hang their little, Barbie and Midge clothes on!
Then I saw a Miss Teen Barbie "Teen Age Fashion Model", Carrying case! So cute! All the cases were around $30-$45.
Don't worry Ken didn't miss out, we even saw a Ken doll, case too! Hey Ken had clothes, he just didn't go around in his plastic undies!
And among the things the boys liked: this old football helmet, a C3PO model from the 70's, these kinda scary looking dark, red glasses and goblets, old-fashioned razors that men used to shave their faces with, and a little travel hanger that folder up to look like it could fit on your pocket.

And when we left they said, "Can you believe we've been in here for an hour? It doesn't even feel like it?"

And they said, "who would of thought antiquing would be that much fun?!"


and they actually all laughed....if you knew how hard it is to make 14 year old boys laugh...that's worth a little pat on my back!

Fun-tiquing  and happy Funday (it sounds better than Monday!)....your kandee


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