Saturday, May 26, 2012

Manne-kids in the window

 No, these are not mannequins but real kids in the window box. Blakey, Alani and their lil' cousin Sydney...freshly dressed after a baths and ready for a fun day...

And again, my poor Blakey resorted to using the Betsey Johnson stickers to "tape" his "hot wheels" into their tray, "so they won't come out", he said. And wait til you see what I got at the Betsey Johnson store, it was going out of business and I got some pretty cool things- I can't wait to show you! I'll show you on my other bloggy (kandeej), next week!
These little ones make me laugh all day! I just love everything they say!

happy saturday everyone- I hope you have a fun-tastic day, kandee

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