Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Ready For Baby....

 The Car Seat cover for my sister's little baby is fully dolled up!
The cover it from Ritzy Baby.
It looks like a cupcake- so you know I love it!
We put the little pink infant headrest in and now it's complete!
How cute is that pink rose fabric- it's like 3D fabric!
And I love my sister's pink rug.....
As I typed this my lil niece it sitting next to me tickling my head....and said, "hey there's baby sisters carseat". She's 3, and adorable. She reminds me of a brunette Shirley Temple.

We arre just waiting for my sister to go into labor. I think baby will be here tonight! We'll see if I'm right! I'm her labor coach and plan on making her laugh her way through labor!

waiting for baby, kandee



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