Sunday, May 13, 2012

We made it to my sisters....

It is mother's day... 2 days after my sister's due date- but baby's are usually never born on their due dates! ha ha ha
We took these photos on the way to my sisters.
I ate way too big of a slice of my sisters birthday cake last night.
(the balloon cake I blogged about yesterday on my kandeej blog)
It was delicious.
 Ellie, inspecting some flowers. We were so excited to get to my sisters...who had just taken brownies out of the oven when we got there! Yum!

We are off to take my mom to a Mother's Day brunch!!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone! And huge hugs from this mama to each of you!!!

Wait til' you see the DIY flower craft my sister did that I am in LOVE with!!!

huge hugs, kandee


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