Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Plans- labor and yachting!

Well....we're still waiting for my sister to say any second that she's in labor...
Until then her doctor to her to just float in the pool.....

So looks like we'll all be packing up our swim suits and heading to the pool!

And sometimes fashion or beauty bloggers or celebrities post tweets and things, about them being on yachts and fancy things....well, I know I already posted it on instagram, but here's my yacht! I know, I know, quit bragging. I did name it the S.S. Ariel, in case you see it cruising the French Riviera- yeah, baby that's mine!

Ellie in her new swim suit.
My sister informed me, as she handed me a "lil' swimmer's" diaper for the pool, that they don't hold "pee" they are just for catching poop! ha ha ha ha ha Great!

We did see another baby at the pool with just  a regular diaper on...his diaper had swelled to like, 27 times its normal size, and poor guy had like a 20 pound diaper full of water hanging on to his lil body!

Our biggest plans this weekend....may be me finally getting to coach my sister through labor!! I am so excited!!!

What is everyone else doing this weekend? Is anyone else in labor? ha ha ha ha

huge and bathing suits...I try not to look at my body in the suit and just get in the water as fast as I can ha ha ha ha....

Esther Williams, I mean, kandee

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