Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Francisco- what I see

this is the incredible view from my hotel can see the Bay Bridge in the background...not the bright RED Golden Gate bridge that screams, "You in San Fran, baby!"....

I slept, in...sort of....I was like, "what?!? am I awake so early"....but at least I got 8 hours of sleep!

(the lobby of the hotel in SF- Free Wi-Fi!!!!)

Things we're gonna try to see: (event though mom and me and both still really tired! ha ha)
Museum of Modern Art (that's what I was looking at int he picture, out the window)
Haight-Ashbury -famed SF street~ funky shops there are always fun

I love cities...seeing the people....different little shops, buildings....trees....everything!

My mom still hasn't come downstairs off to type my blog about the Glaminar yesterday, it was so amazing....especially since it's the second to last one!

huge love from the city known for Sourdough bread...ha ha ha....
xo Kandee Gate Bridge


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