Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pretty Pregnant: Gwen Stefani

I have been a Gwen Stefani admirer for almost 18 years! I loved her ska-punk style that she proudly wore, when all the other "popular" singers of that time were trying to be super sexy....she was way beyond them, she was confident and cool!
I loved seeing her pregnant too!
There is such a beauty and delicate quality to seeing a pregnant woman. They are growing a precious little life inside...and no matter what size their body swells to (ha ha ha)...they look beautiful!
I've loved being pregnant...sure there are things that you could complain about...your back and hips hurt, it's hard to sleep, you have to pee all the time, it's hard to breath, you can't sleep on your back or your right side (because it limits circulation to your baby), everything swells...your feet hands...I could keep going ! ha ha ha But I try not to think about all that...and think about how I am the little oven that gets the honor of "baking my little cupcake"!
When you are pregnant you feel so special...like you are so honored to be carrying this little angel. And feeling the baby move is the greatest feeling!
(i love how you can see my baby-belly peeking out of my coat! hee hee)

I have not been feeling very well the last few days...tired does not even describe what I have been feeling! ha ha ha I can't seem to gather enough energy to do anything...it's taken me a ridiculously long time to type this blog! ha ha ha
I will now get Alani dressed for school we'll have lunch then drive to drop her off. Me and Blakey might come home and try to get a nap (hopefully) for an hour, then pick her up, followed by Jordan!

And I'm off to make lunch and braid Alani's hair for school!
happy NOVEMBER 2nd!!!! xoxoxo...kandee and her fabulous belly! hee hee


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