Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things I do to my sister!

You may have heard of Father Christmas.....
well I did a Mother Thanksgiving look on my sister.....
even though this face my sister, Tiffany, is making says:
"I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS!"...inside she love it! ha ha ha
I've been doing make-overs on my sister for years...I think she may have been one of my first models to put make-up on when I was little.....
and I got to do my first make-up video with her today!
Keep an eye out for a new video staring my sister and a make-over! hee hee hee
She did an "interesting make-over" on me too...for a video on her youtube channel!

We're off to go have a day of adventures in the snow...and hopefully all the little ones will take a nap in the car!
pumkpin pie lattes (which I can't drink because I'm pregnant, but they smell so good!)...kandee


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