Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pregnant in the City (with crepes)

MATERNITY MUST HAVE'S: a loud polka dot pattern shirt to totally hide the big pregnant belly!
ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Seriousness: I don't really wear maternity clothes (and as we've already blogged about the awfulness of maternity pants...that put a halt on me wasting any more money on maternity pants...it's been all leggings!)
this shirt is from H&M, from the normal women's department!
(me and baby having a crepe on Haight Street in San Francisco)

when you ge to around 8 months...it's really hard to breathe~ baby takes up a lot of room, including room for your lungs...I get out of breath super easily.
 me: still eating my crepe!
 HURRY UP!!!!:
I am usually known as "the fastest walking person you've ever seen"...but with my big 8 month pregger belly....I had to tell my mom to slow down. Which is so weird feeling, because usually no one can keep up with me. I have no idea why I walk so fast normally...what can I say, I have a "need for speed"! ha ha ha
and what better way to end a blog than with goof-ball faces from your truly!
kisses...crepes...and polka dot shirts.....your kanderella

(if you're bored...you can CLICK HERE and see more of my day and the WORLD's MOST famous person I met yesterday: www.kandeej.com


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