Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oh my rental car and official addiction:

Yes, this is my rental car, or I guess technically it's a mini van, which I refer to as "The Hot Rod".
 Me, Jordan, and Marcus...waiting to go parasailing. It was not even scary!
 We went to our new favorite place, Local Boys, to get a Shave Ice, which is kinda' ironic since only girls seem to work there! ha ha ha Today I went with, Coconut, Cotton Candy and Dreamsicle with ice cream on bottom and cream on top! Oh my tastebuds! (photo courtesy of Jordan)
And my little sandbunny...we spent the rest of the day in the pool. We splashed around in the ocean but the kids are not fans of the "sandness-in-the-swimsuit" back to the pool we went.

Man, I really think I've developed a Shave Ice addiction...ha ha ha ha

your Shave Ice, I mean Kandee

Click here to peep my earring post...get it, earring...."post"...earrings have posts...ha ha ha, aww just CLICK HERE to see em.


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