Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Nail Polish

 I had to show you Alani's nails and her "toe design"...
On her hands she picked blue polish with white polka dots- which also have silver glitter dots too!
And on her toes she chose neon pink and a white hibiscus flower....I have the same neon pink minus the flower..hee hee (I wanted her to stand out and shine with her pretty nails!)...
I think all little girls need to hear they are beautiful and smart.
Deep inside all little girls want to feel beautiful and loved.
You can't tell them enough how precious they are.
If you build them up will help when they world tries to tear them down, and when kids are mean at school....
love and encouragement should be what we fill them up with all the time so they can make it in the world.
Huge hugs and know that I think YOU are beautiful, too, your kandee

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