Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I want to ride this bicycle....

No, I don't own this bike. I just love it. I first discovered the Madsen bike when I was reading NieNie Dialogues (bt-dub...I love her and her blog)...and she had one and I was like, "what the hello kitty is that bike to haul all your kids and/or pets/and or anything- me luvs it!"
It's a Madsen bike, and it's awesome!
You see that bucket in the back...you can put up to 4 kids in there- and yes they have seatbelts for each seat.
Or if you lived near the beach you could haul beach chairs, a little cooler, towels, umbrellas...and a couple kids!
Or you could haul your favorite pet too...

It comes in other colors, but if I were to get one, I think I'd get the pink or maybe this light aqua color.

Oh, man....if I was still a kid and had a Christmas wishlist....I'd put this bike on it. ha ha ha

dreaming of bikes like I'm a 5 year old boy...your kandee

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