Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mom-a-razzi strikes again!

 Just like celebs have kids have me, "momarazzi". Everywhere they go, there I am calling out their names, asking for a smile.
"Alani...over here! Smile!"
"Ellie Bellie! Look at Mama!"
"Blakey! Blakey! Smile!"
"Jordan! Jordan! Please, can I just get one picture! Please!"
Above, Ellie, with her sunhat, baby, doll, and favorite sister, AKA The hand holder, Alani.
And I had to get a picture of her trying these Hello Kitty glasses on!
Look at those pearly whites. We are getting so big, and so are our teeth! I love her lil' teeth!

Today, due to my phone dying...I missed a few photo ops...but we rode on the Sugar Cane Train, ate lots of pineapple, and yes had a couple Shave Ice, again.

momarazzi signing out, kandee

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