Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tiny Fashionista...

I love the store Anthropologie...I love just walking in the store and getting inspired.
And this little outfit kinda reminds of of Anthropologie!
SKIRT- We scored Ellie's little skirt at Target, on clearance for $5.

 SWEATER-The sweater is a Target Treasure too- can't remember how much though- it didn't stick in my head like the $5 skirt-deal!
SHOES- Well, they are hand-me-downs from my sister's little girl, but they are silver gladiator sandals from Pediped.
 HEADBAND- now get ready because you're gonna have a cute-attack when you go to their site, I don't know where you can buy the headband, but I just looked at the label and found their site- it's so cute you're gonna need to eat a cupcake or something- MUSTARD PIE

And that is our Ellie-Outfit-Of-The-Day!

big hugs from me and lil' hugs from Ellie, your kandee

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You can CLICK HERE to see my new video- FAST 3 MINUTE MAKE-UP!


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