Thursday, August 9, 2012

I heart TeePees

Ok, I have to admit- I have been searching high and low for a striped TeePee.
I love these.
And lo and behold, every where I've looked I've landed on sites that say, "out of stock", or "seatching the globe for another item like this"....
but, I've found some stripey tee pee creations that are made by a mama in Australia.

These are one kind objects that have some style and home decor awesome-ness...these are so cute, you may want one even if you don't have kids!

To be honest, I can't decide if I like the red stripe teepee or the black stripe (or maybe I'm wrong and it's probably Navy, ha) one better.
 Maybe you're not feelin' the stripes...hows about some florally something-something....
I know....I know, I'm not so great at sewing, so no....I can't show you how to make one. ha ha ha
Somethings are best left to the experts...
 And I have to tell you, I kinda just fell in love (not in the boy meets girl kinda' way, people!) with Robyn, the maker of these awesome TeePees, after reading her bio- I think we'd be friends if we knew each other. And if you want a teepee and to support a stay-at-home-mama-business- order one of these babies up from the sweet and talented teepee maker, Robyn at

dreaming of curling up in a striped TeePee, with cushions inside so it's all cozy, twinkly light hanging inside and reading stories of adventures with my babies, kandee-pee (ok, that name doesn't sound good)

Yeah, if you're real crafty you could probably make one...but I'm not that great at sewing and I have no way of getting pvc pipe and cutting it...and I like that we can support other mama businesses! I just hope she can ship everywhere people might want to order one from! hee hee or should I say tee hee pee!

Imagingin how we could string our twinkly light inside and make a cushy pillow wonderland inside already...popsicles inside in the summer, and hot chocolate and stories in our tee pee in the living room in winter......

I heart tee peeeeeeeees, kandee-pee (ok maybe that doesn't sound so good...)

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