Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoes like candy for your feet....

Alani needed a new pair of sneakers for school, since the flip flops we've been wearing all summer are not so friendly on the "bark" playground!
We spotted these babies in Target, Alani said they fit and were comfy...and they came home with us.
They are called the CIRCO Haven Skate Shoe (click here for link to them).
*they are super cute
*the sole is all rubber (unlike lots of other kids sneakers at Target, that  the sole is part rubber, and then part- this weird, almost fuzzy weird-coated material that is super slippery)
*and Alani said they are really comfy

BONUS: the first day she wore them to school she came home so excited because she said she got "like a million compliments" in them....even from boys she said! It's hard to get boys (and men) to give compliments!
See the power of compliments!

I also saw these babies on Target's website which are so cute- they did not have these cute leopard- stripe shoes at the store! (I don't know if these have rubber soles, since I only saw these online- they might have that afwul half-rubber-half-fuzzy-cheapo stuff on the soles- not sure!)

 and here's some more pics of Alani's new favorite shoe, that she wanted me to take!
 Wise words of advise I once was told:
"As long as you have cute shoes, it can make your whole outfit look cool! And you wear shoes more than you do one piece of clothing!"

candy colored shoes, your kandee

PS. Guess who's been getting a new video ready to upload to youtube this morning! Yes, me the typer of this blog....(click here to see if it's up yet)

OR CLICK HERE to see if I posted about it on my other bloggy!


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