Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Super Smoothie Recipe: even toddlers love

Smoothies are our fav breakfast!
And since even Ellie (my healthnut, in training) loves them, I thought I'd share her favorite with you:

We will call it our:
 Toddler Baby Kid Friendly Ellie Loves It Smoothie
*this recipe will make enough for 2 little smoothies and one for mama (Alani and Jordan already had breakfast and were at school when we made these!)

*I use all organic stuff, because I don't want to eat the bug sprays and not good stuff that's in conventional fruit & veggies. But you can use whatever you like.
 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
 1 cup So Delicious coconut milk (you can use regular milk if you like)
1/2 So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Yogurt
1 scoop of Plant Fusion Vanilla Bean Protein Powder
1 banana
1 individual pack of Sambazon Frozen Acai (the regular one, not the unsweetened one- just one of the packs that come inside the bag- you get 4 in a bag)
1 handful of baby or regular spinach
2 large leaves of Lacinato Kale- it looks like this....
(it's "sweeter" than other types of kale- and loaded with nutrients-you can use as much as you want, but my kids start to make faces if I use more than this! ha ha)

BLEND IT ALL TOGETHER in a blender until it's smooth and a yummy purple color. There shouldn't be any green chunks or pieces, it should just be all smoothe ans a smoothie should be!
 I have a VitaMix which I love and use every day, it probably my most used kitchen tool!

And here's my Smoothie Fan, Blaker, who not only finished all his, but asked if he the extra left over in the blender!

And Ellie finished almost all her bottle full- we only use bottles for smoothies and water! ha ha ha

yummy breakfasts that are full of healthy goodness are a great way to start your day...

smoothies and morning smiles, your kandee

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