Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Pants + Shorts = Shants or Ports

Now you may have children or you may not.
Either way, this will be useful to store in the ol' noggin.

As I was going through Blake's clothes because he is a growin guy...
we found most all his pants are too short to keep up with his growing legs.

turn those pants into SHANTS (shorts + pants = shants)
You can make them any length...but we opted for the "right below the knee" cut.

pants that are too short but still fit in the waist erea

My techinique- and you totally don't have to do what I did at all-
I cut one leg.
Then flipped that bad boy over onto itself and you can see in lower left side.
And cut leg #2 to be even with leg #1
And voila!
Shorts, Shants, Ports, whatever you want to call them....
we are squeezing a little more bang for our buck out of these jeans.
And it just so happens that "shorts" like this, are still in style...nice.

shants-ing it up, your kandee


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