Friday, August 31, 2012

Lil Miss Sailor

I am guilty of loving all things vintage. I love all sailor-y things. And if you ever saw the Popeye movie with Robin Williams- this looks like an outfit that baby, Sweet Pea would wear.

And if  you made a mad dash when Gwen Stefani did her Mini Harajuku line at Target- maybe you scored this sailor dress too! Yes, I heart Target and Gwenny! (i really don't know her well enough to refer to her as Gwenny, I really don't know her at all actually...ha ha ha I wonder if her and I were friends, if I'd call her Gwenny!?)
THE SAILOR HAIR CLIP: with the anchor, I got at some costume place a long time ago. (It's totally the wrong shade of blue to go with the dress, but once I got it out, Ellie was in love and insisted on wearing it- well, for about 2 minutes anyways. The usual length of our "bow wearing".)
 But you could easily make one yourself, just get an anchor button, some ribbon and hair clip and your in bow-business.

I'll give you 2 guesses where I go these....(and it's not Old Navy)...
Yes, I know, I know....but seriously I'm at Target all the time...I go to buy toilet paper and we come home with tp and polka dot boots!
Ellie saw these and wanted to wear them in the store...she fell in love, boots now have a cozy home in her room.
good news: These babies were on clearance!
bad news: I don't know if they have any more for sale!

since putting this dress on Ellie...
I sat outside with her and Blakey to type this...she is still cute, but her dress and her are both a lil' dirtier...guess we need to make an outfit change again! ha ha ha

and I wanna sing..."On the good ship, Lollipop"...

awww it'd be fun to live in the 30's or 40's for a day....
anchors away, your kandee

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