Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is how I blog!

I call this car-blogging! I brought my computer with me....so after I went to get my ultrasound...then go to my midwife appointment...
I called my friend, Bethanie...who looks like a real life Barbie...and does amazing hair...(I went to her later in the day where she re-dazzled my hair...I blog about it on my www.kandeej.com blog too!)

after we had a yummy lunch.....
I sat in my car and typed my blog because I didn't have time to do it in the morning! ha ha ha ha..I am a dedicated "bloggirl" for you all! hee hee

We got an all good at the ULTRASOUND place for baby! I am not at risk to have a c-section anymore! hooray!!! They thought I had Placenta Previa, which is an uncommon, horrible problem that can cause hemorrhaging and would make it not possible to have a normal delivery....BUT I GOT THE ALL CLEAR that I DO NOT HAVE IT! hooray!
And they thought they saw that the baby had asymmetrical ventricles of her brain...but she is cleared of all that too! (darn ultrasounds can see so much, that they can make parents worry about things that are not a concern later on in the pregnancy !) whew...Thank God our prayers were answered for me and her!
then I went to a couple antique stores to hunt for a nightstand...but I found nothin!
I am now totally exhausted....Alani is already fast asleep...Blaker is trying to help me type right now...which is wh\y this \ is taking soooo long for me to type..and he added those "slash" marks too!

Blakey was asking why my mom wasn't at our house...so we called her and she promised to come over in the morning!
off to get a little man in jammies....and then this big mama....
kandee and her belly


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