Saturday, January 15, 2011

Official Due Date Video!

January due date video (even though now it's the 15th!ha ha ha)
here's what happened on the due date....(and you get to see my Jordan!) Alani is visiting with her Dad and Grandparents...or she would be here too! we miss her! it's just me, big Jojo...and "Princess and the White Stick"-namer!
Thanks all my blog family for SUBSCRIBING to my new channel on youtube ( almost made it on the top 100 most subscribed for the day list yesterday!
Here we go...hope you like it....
And maybe I'll try to post "special-blog-family" videos for you guys, here only, not on youtube...
You guys really are my kandee family...I love and cherish all your love-comments...and read them all! Thank you for filling my heart with so much love for when baby arrives!!!!
huge baby belly hugs...your kandee

PS. If you wanna take a peek at my closet and see my new favorite "closet must have's" go to my "normal" (ha ha ha) blog: to see!

Oh and the cloth diapers....I got the SPOSOEASY


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