Thursday, January 13, 2011

Due Date is Tomorrow!!!!!

Tomorrow is the due date!!! We'll see if baby shows up on time! Thought I might go into labor last night...but it was just fake-ness! ha ha ha
Here's me with the new car seat cover in leopard and pink!!!!
If you want one too...I got it at : Baby Bella Maya (click on name to go there!) So adorabibble!
My Bobby (Bobby is my boyfriend...and I don't talk about him a lot, I share a lot of things, but some things I like to keep a little private...maybe I'll do a post about him soon...we'll see) brought me some beautiful pink roses yesterday...they look so fun and pretty with my old vintage turquoise flour container, and my lime green cake stand!

Here's my "2 Days Til Due Date Video & Baby Names Ideas!"...and I attempt to put the Car sear Cover on! ha ha ha Good times...all by myself! ha ha ha

whoa baby....kandee


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