Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Breakfast with my LOVE BUG!

LAST NIGHT BLAKER SAID: "you are beautiful!"
ME: "oh thank you Blakey!!!"
Blakey: "I love your eyeballs!"
morning kisses
our cereal feast....I love Vanilla Island Cereal...it's organic and I think it's by Kashi
and my favorite outfit of the day...Alani dressed herself yesterday....
hot pink zebra leggins
pink and black lace print leggings
pink snow boots and jacket
and out favorite "palm tree ponytail" with Disney Princess Bow-Rubberband!
We are off to go to errands...
try to get the last of the things we need to be ready for baby!
(3 days til due date!)
WATCH my new video update HERE...
bigger and bigger bellies....full of love....kandee


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