Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I did on New Year's- swedish style!

Swedish Feast at IKEA! ( my dad is half swedish you know! keepin it real for the Swede in me!)
what better way to spend the last day of 2010..than at Ikea! ha ha ha

Yes you're seeing correctly: a plate full o' swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes with lingonberry sauce, a box of Elderberry juice, cornbread, and brocolli potato medallions...
AND ofcourse some Marabou chocolates (Which I am eating while I type this!) from Sweden!
mom (who is half Danish)....about to enjoy her first plate of Ikea Swedish meatballs....actually one of my favorite parts about going to ikea is eating there! ha ha ha...and they have the best vanilla soft serve ice creams cones...I had one of those too upon our departure!

This was from our wintry drive....may I tell you how crazy New Year's is in Lake Tahoe...the traffic was re-donkey-kongulous....but this was the beautiful drive...
it felt like we should have been driving a sleigh instead of my mom's hot's not really a hot rod, but it sounded more fun that way.
mom's  a pro at driving in snow...she grew up in it...I think it's so fun!

after our IKEA day....Bobby took me to dinner at a fancy place...that had super cool leopard print chairs that I really liked...I ate half a loaf of bread (ha ha ha)....half my steak...and saved room for the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sundae with Hot Blackberry sauce! mmmmmmmmm they played music from the 40's, and somehow we ended up in the room with the "older crowd"...they all said congrats for the baby...and I was told again about all the free diapers you win if your baby is the first baby born in the new year. I had been told of all this baby goodness you get when that happpens...but I'm happy to keep her in there cooking! Cupcake is not done yet! ha ha ha ha

Happy 2011 Everyone!!! We're gonna make this year great!
2,011 hugs....kandee


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