Thursday, September 30, 2010


To all my loyal kandeeland family that entered my WIN A CELEBRITY BAG contest...and thousands and thousands of comments later....we have a winner!!!!

The winner of this chic-leopard Ju-Ju-Be Bag (values at: $124.95!!! I know!!! Awesome prize!) from (yes they are the home of my AMAZING Hello Kitty Bag I have) going to be: (drum roll please!)


we are now bag twins! If you feel like you need this bag too, click here:

*And just so you know....I do not get paid one penny from friend Devan works there, and she's awesome and offered to celebrate my pregg-ness by doing a bag giveaway! I love getting to celebrate things with you all!!!

If you like the giveaways, let me know....I love being able to give you guys goodies...don't worry if you didn't win now...I'll try to do more to so everyone can keep on trying...just like the lottery...ha ha ha!

huge love and even bigger bags to carry more treasures,
your kandee


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