Tuesday, September 7, 2010

YAY! Ultrasound day!!!!

I'm soooooooooo excited!!!!
Today we get to find out what kind of "cupcake" I'll be having!!!!
Do we get to buy all  kinds of girly pink things or cute lil boy stuff!!!
I don't care if it's a boy or girl....Alani is so fun to get to buy all the princess things for....and my boys just melt my heart and make me laugh all the time!

this is what is hoped for by everyone:

Alani: wants a girls
Blake: wants a lil brother so he can teach him how to ride motorcycles he said
Jordan: wants a boy I think, because he thinks they are easier

and I know all those silly wives tales: 
you're carrying high- it'll be a....
oh you've had more morning sickness that means it's gonna be a.......
it's heart rate is fast, that's a....... for sure....

I've heard em all before and they were never right! ha ha ha

I know of the dangers of ultrasounds, so this will be the only one I'm having for the whole pregnancy. There are studies about the dangers of ultrasounds, how they are not sure what it does to the baby exactly, but that something causes the babies heart rate to increase (so it does something, they're just not sure what exactly). I've heard everything from, the sound of the ultrasound to the baby, is like putting your babies ear up against the loudest speaker at a rock concert to it heats up the amniotic fluid so it is like cooking them in a microwave. 
I asked my midwife, and she said, if I only do one and that we just do a quick one to see if everything is ok, it should be alright. (Also, I have opted for her to use the old fashioned device to hear the babies heart rate instead of the electronic device to hear the heart, because it uses ultrasound to listen too.) Studies have shown that multiple ultrasounds cause hearing damage or pre-mature hearing loss, and babies with multiple ultrasounds seem to create left-handed-ness. (nothing wrong with lefties, it's just a strange effect it seems....who knows!) I just want to be extra safe, so this is our one big shot. I wish I had known all this with my first baby! ha ha ha

I am so excited!!!! I can't wait to find out! I'm taking my video camera to film it all too!!! Yay! Off to get all clean and pretty for the ultrasound!

yay! yay! on way....
to see what cupcake is today!!!!

love and pink or blue things.....kandee


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