Saturday, September 4, 2010


I've had this THUMBS UP shirt for years....I can't remember what thrift store or vintage store I got it from...I do remember cutting it up (CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW I DO IT!) , I love this shirt and I'm so happy it stretches over my little cupcake belly right now! 
I tried to make a video with Jordan about how to trim your afro today, but he was not happy with it, so no video. Maybe our next video will be "how to shave your head!"......
oh sweet sleep and aching have to sleep on your left side when you're cooking a cupcake (AKA pregnant) because it is improves the blood flow to baby...and until I am able to afford my dream bed...I rig up pillows, under me, behind me, in between my legs....
I've ever tried  on of those pregnancy pillows...I bet they're great!
in hopes of having some sweet sleep...I don't care how much sleep I don't get...when all my babies are grown...I'm sure I will sleep in or go to bed early and catch it all up! ha ha ha

I love the feeling of the baby moving...I feel so special to be able to be the place where this little angel can grow! It is amazing.

I am hungry...and I think we're headed to the GREAT RIB COOK-OFF...yay! ribs and corn on the cobb (I love corn!) little blaker is ready to go to...he has a big-rig in hand....and has had 2 baths within 24 hours (sister has only had one bath, but he had a little pee-pee spraying accident this morning that warranted another bath!) he smells gooooood!

thumbs up from your favorite kandee.....!!!!


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