Monday, September 13, 2010

Movie Studios and Palm Trees!

me in my photo studio (AKA the elevator) 
(my make-up in this picture: click HERE to SEE MORE)

going to camp Hollywood Land....ha ha ha....this is just where I got lost and had to turn around, but I thought it was an awesome sign.
The Tower at Warner Brothers Studios....

all the characters on the side of warner bros studio...
something inside me gets so excited when I drive by the movie studios....I just love it....I love knowing that all kinds of filming is going on behind those walls....all kinds of people getting to be a part of making believe! I love it!

I love being in LA, so much! I wish I had more time here to do everything and visit with everyone I want to.....tomorrow I am extra excited because my sister is coming down to visit with my little niece!!! I miss my babies so much....I know they are with their dad...but I just miss them so much it makes my heart hurt. They mean more to me than anything...and it feels like a huge piece of my heart is missing when I'm not with them. I know it's probably better that I am busy while they are at their dad's or it would be even harder...but at night I just miss cuddling with them, and waking up to their precious faces. I can't wait to see them on wednesday!!!

I will capture my day with my sister, I haven't seen her in almost 6 months! I saw her the day before my big leg accident...I can't wait!
huge love from LA.....kandee


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