Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What the helicopter is THAT?!?

I know it's hard to say what is what?
What is that huge green thing in your hands?
OR what is that huge belly you got there lady?!? ha ha ha

This is ONE of the LARGEST ZUCHINI's I've ever seen! The neighbor brought it over from her garden. I cooked it up, well only like a 4th of it to go with our pasta...turns out none of my children like huge zuchini. And the little ones didn't even want the pasta! I ended up making them burritos..our go to food- the burrito.

Blaker carried the Zuchini around for a while, calling it his baby. 

Could you imagine how many fried zuchini sticks you could make outta this bad boy!?

Would you check out the size of my cupcake oven (aka belly region)?!?

after giving LAnzi and Blaker a bath and hearing Blake tell Alani, "Your hair look pretty Yanzo (one of the names Blaker has for her)" which she replied: thank you blake
Then they both told each other they loved each other.

Snuggling with all my their freshly washed faces, lots of kisses. Praying with them and letting them hear me thank God for each one of them...
And sitting on the couch typing...while Jordan asked if he would like me to sit next to me:
I SAY: ofcourse sweetheart...and him telling me he loves me.
Then hearing him tell Alani and Blake that he loves them.

I am so honred to see how I've been able to raise my lovebugs to be so kind and loving!

They are all fast  mama, I could just sit and watch them sleep for hours..studying their precious lil faces that it seems are changing into more mature little faces way too fast...

I love being a mama...and my time with them is more amazing than anything else I could be doing. 
I fell little cupcake kicking right now....I love that....

I better go, I have to do a few more things before I can get to go to bed...
giant zuchinis...kandee

 Beauty is the twinkle in the eyes, from a  happy heart!


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