Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My 4th of July in pictures!

this is what you would have seen if you were with me on the 4th of July!
So come "spend 4th of July with me!":
this is the make-up I wore 
(EVERYONE stopped at said they loved em!)
(click here watch my 4th of July CRAZE-tacular video here and I do my make-up like this! And I think it's the funniest video I've ever made ha ha)
my lips stayed looking like this all day and night! I could't believe it!
lips still lookin' good after our drive to our "old time 4th of July"!
seatbelt on: check!
yee haw ha ha ha...nothing says 4th of July like people covered in mud, playing Volleyball! ha ha ha
First stop: to get Alani a slushie and Blakey an ice cream- I got a butterscotch milk shake!
It was super hot!
walking over to all the fun stuff! People wanted to take pictures of my "lips!" ha ha ha
the funniest thing I saw: A "surf shop" in the mountains!
Patriotic photo op
they had Karaoke, a greased pole climb for the kids, there was more than $300 for whichever kid climbed to the top of a pole covered in Crisco looking stuff (kids were trying for hours! ha ha), bounce houses...
Blakey in his red and blue socks running into the bounce house!
Me and the kids walking around the craft fair.
We bought a Native American Flute cd. 
we were super hot so we got some more cold treats - snow cones!
Cotton Candy and Root Beer!
Deep Fried: Snickers, Ding Dongs, Oreos, Twinkies and Cookies!
This is what a Deep Fried Snickers looks like.
And Jordan and Grampa made this funnel cake disappear faster than I could get another bite!
(This was our 4th of Junkfood day! ha ha ha)
Me and Jordan at our great-aunt-Betty's house.
We got to see so much family....we had a family reunion the night before. It was so great to see all the family we hardly ever see and meet ones we've never met! It was so great to take in all the love from so many family members! I just love them all! I was loving how precious and loving all my family is!
Blakey watching all the cousins play with their firecrackers in the street.
Alani too!
I love 4th of July lights!
Blakey taking a break playing a game on my phone!
It's a bird, it's a plane...it's a Cupcake in the air!
And to balance out our junk food...the kids wanted broccoli and grapes with their hot dogs.
the sky was amazing...
waiting for firework time...
just passing time getting bit by mosquitos
(they must have liked out bug spray and wipes because nothing was working!)
and here's a little "fireworks" for anyone that didn't get to see any!
they look blurry, but I like it!
Hope you had fun coming all, like a beautiful butterfly on my shoulder....
fireworks and milkshakes...kandee


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