Friday, July 22, 2011

White T-shirts, Bring Baby to Work & Work-Outs

Who doesn't love matching outfits? well, lots of people actually...but I thought it was fun that me and little tiny, both had matching white shirts...
ok hers was more of a onesie....
that would just be weird if I had a white body suit on.

Today I tried to work out while holding baby: you sweat a lot faster trying to do sumo squats while holding a baby (which she thought was hilarious) I just turn dance music on and "work-out"/dance around while holding baby.

I tried to print out artist releases for a magazine that needs this emailed back from me...but it won't print out...- why printer do you never print for me?!? why?

And I got a call that we need to re-shoot some scenes for a tv show I worked on...and as most jobs for tv never really know an actual date until it's like the day before....But we are set to fly wherever they are filming...with my mom and the babes! ha ha ha (Have baby...will work. I never go anywhere without her. Seriously...unless she's taking a nap with my mama, she's always with me...IMATS, tv shows, blogger events...babies goes with me everywhere! Any time someone has seen me somewhere and asks for a picture....they get a baby in their picture too! ha ha) I still remember when Jordan was little and would go with me to photo shoots... I've been blessed with photographers that became friends or designers that were friends and always let me bring him...he was so polite and everyone loved having him around...One photographer friend of mine, took pictures of Jordan when he was little and got him into a huge modeling agency...but neither me nor Jordan like the child modeling world too much...ha ha ha

and this was just a small sampling of my day...ha ha ha

I even did my make-up while holding baby...yes even lipliner with my left hand...and I'm right handed!

it's now 12:45am and I'm trying to type this, just finished throwing more laundry in the washer and dryer...and ate a mini bag of chocolate chip cookies
she likes to lean her forehead against my's like a hug but with your face...ha ha ha
face hugs....kandee

everything pales in comparison to being a's the most rewarding job you'll ever have...the rewards it brings your heart, mean more than any golden trophy or little statue or award!

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