Saturday, October 9, 2010

on this day 2 years ago.....

I found this blog post from my old blog...(I have "hearted" out my little heart's faces, to honor my ex-husband's wish to not show the kids faces)...but this was what I did on this day exactly 2 years ago!

my lil' chef was on "ingredient pouring" duty...i fill... she dumps...and to think i used to buy those boxes of "crocker" imma' put my mix in a box.....
this is my trainer who falls fast asleep-on-the-job as soon as we hit the dirt's crazy bouncy and rocky...and it puts him right to he tried to train me for some crosss-country marathon...he fell asleep and me not wanting to wake him...kept running....and running....and running....i ran for 2 hours...up and down hills...and returned with a face the shade of ripe strawberries...and it stayed that way for about an hour

this photo was taken by my in-house photography and shower to remove dirt and salt trails from my profuse sweating
i found this picture of jordan on a photo shoot and on my run when i process all my thoughts...i thought of how i wanted to live in a big ranch house with a slow moving river wandering through it, like the river i ran by.....and then i thought of this photo shoot in LA and how great it was to have lil J-man there...he sat drawing pictures with one of the designers and enchanting them with his gentle, intelligent he drew them pictures...while I put make-up on models and helped "astro-turf" diving boards around the wonderful that he got to see all these people working creatively and embracing all the uniqueness...they tried hats on him and took this picture with his artwork dangling from his hand...everyone fell in love with him and it was rad to look over and know that all these "artists" were encouraging the artist within him as I painted up some faces....when we had to change locations or something....we rode in one of the designers Range Rover...and Jordan said that the "roof was really tall inside"......I agreed...and so I thought I miss living in the middle of the treasures that only a city can give the art museums, poetry jams where Jordan would steal the show at intermission with his break dancing, and having him along to look for treasures in the piles of vintage goods in the parking lot of Jet Rag...and him admiring all my art friends and them swelling up his inner artist

and now I sit typing this from Miami...about to do a Glaminar...with my giant baby -belly....I just called my Jordan who is with his cousins at a basketball game...and to my two littles who are at their Daddy's.....I miss them all so much......and it's hard to hold back my tears right now.....I wish it was that wonderful day again....baking our yummy chocolate cake...and running with my Blaker!
huge love and chocolate cake...your kandee


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