Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby on Board!

It is so funny because I remember the first time I flew to London...I was pregnant with my Lanzi.....and now I am pregnant again..AND coming to LONDON!

I ordered the asparagus tart...which was like the size of a piece of bread and didn't come with anything...then I looked at the girl across the way who had a big pile of mashed potatoes, lima bean (mmm not sure how good they looked or tasted)....and some fancy "short rib" meat things with a yummy looking sauce.....
after I ate my tart-snack....
and my mom telling me to ask the stewardess for more food because I'm pregnant (ha ha ha)....I did, he brought me the "meat meal"...which I devoured....and proceeded to even  attempt to eat the raspberry tart dessert..except it wasn't that good...
My new name is Kandee-the-refrigerator....ha ha ha ha

When you are pregnant you build a great relationship with the bathroom, because you have to pee all the time. I lost track of how many pee- trips I made to the bathroom. But they did have really nice scented lotion in the bathroom!

SLEEPING on planes:
I can't really do it. Even though when I returned from my bathroom break and the whole plane was dark and fast little light was on and I was the only one awake.

SLEEPLESS in Seattle (no in LONDON):
so..I've been awake well over 24 hours....I am about to eat again....I am waiting for my mom to get back to the hotel room....sleep and then so excited for our LONDON GLAMINAR!

I miss my babies, and it feels like I just saw them in a I was finishing up packing with their little faces on the couch...I just see things the whole time and think they would love it! I saved them all my chocolates I got on the plane!

off to eat again, and probably pee 5 more times through dinner, ha ha ha ha ha....
huge love....your kandee


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