Monday, October 18, 2010

whoa belly...

(i like how I was in the middle of sayin "oooooooh belly"...but it just looks like I'm making the Zoolander "Blue Steel" face! ha ha ha)
My lil "cupcake" really popped out this week! My midwife warned me that my belly would really get big this week, and boy she was right! OH: Bonus TIP: if you are pregnant...your belly may feel itchy...this is is probably due to all that skin being stretched out....I'm practically living in my Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark "amazing cream"....with this being "baby belly #4", that has been stretched out to grow my new little angel, I know the belly routine! ha ha ha

My favorite part of being pregnant is knowing that I'm growing a little person, feeling her kick and the fashion show I worked at, one of the models said, "babies are just parasites stealing nutrients from the mom". HOW SAD!!!! It's not like that at all.....I am a mama, like a flower garden, I am givign my little "flower" everything it needs to blossom into a beautiful flower. How sad for someone to think of a baby as a parasite, instead of a gift that your honored to be blessed with taking care of ...and I love letting my baby grow inside me! And then to be honored enough to nurse my babies, each one I nursed for over a year...and I loved not carrying around formula and bottles and water to mix...just pop out a boob and instant "best food in the world"! ha ha ha
 My Blaker...playing with his Cars....he loves them and the movie "Cars", which we watch a lot! ha ha ha (It is on in the background right now as I type this! ha ha ha) And I got him studded little belt that he absolutely loves...he asked me for a wallet and a belt! ha ha ha
my princess Alani...playing with her new Hello Kitty diary set...before school...and still in her Tinkerbell jammies!

I brought home cupcakes from CRUMBS in Beverly Hills...they are way better than Sprinkled Cupcakes! Oh my cupcakes! I even carried them on the plane with me to keep them safe! ha ha ha
 There is nothing more amazing than to be with my lil angels. Even Jordan liked the golden belt I got for him at the Melrose Trading Post. They have the best deals there: 3 belts- one little studded one for Blaker, a little bigger studded one for Lanzi and I got a gold leather one for Jordan...all 3 for $10!!!
I love that place!

Off to email the rest of the details for the LONDON glaminar this weekend!
cupcakes and studded kandee


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