Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big Kandee in a little bahting suit!

your favorite girl named Kandee...posing with the Key West sign!
ahhh like a vacation for your eyeballs....white sand, palm trees and turquoise water!
yes...that large bellied woman, with the "lovely" scarred leg, and "in-need-of-a-tan" skin, is none other than yours truly again! I am rejoicing in my big bellied-ness and the fact that I kinda don't care what anyone thinks about how pale and large I look! ha ha ha ha I am like a big cruise ship carrying a special VIP member...my little precious girl baby!

wind blown...salty.....and had such a fun day...headed back to the dock! My mom was making me laugh so hard when we were snorkeling that I had to take my mask off because I was laughing so hard. She just popped out of the water, took her snorkel out of her mouth and just said, "cool huh?" and how she said it made me laugh soooooooo hard!
Then cooler than all the 5 fish we saw (ha ha ha ha) everyone else was like, "oh I saw a reef shark. Oh I saw a squid. Oh I saw a swimming unicorn...!"...and I saw, i what they said was the 3rd largest coral reef in the world...like 5 different kinds of fish, that's all! ha ha ha ha...oh yeah the exciting part.....I turned around and heard this guy making weird noises...
I look over and he had thrown up and it was all inside his snorkeling mask and face...so gross!

this was just beautiful! After this we had just enough time to get a real Key Lime Pie from Key West (the southern most part of the US!)...it was delish! I also got a Key Lime Milkshake and key lime cookies!
And then tried to sleep on the 3 hour ride back to Miami as the bus played Jimmy Buffet music the whole way! ha ha ha ha
this was a great day with my mama...
itsy bitsy teenie weenie red and white striped bikin's.......your kandee


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