Monday, October 25, 2010

Bellies in London

Ahhhh look at me belly! I feel like a jolly old man, with a big round belly of cheer!
This is inside my beautifully lit bathroom in our little hotel room in London. After a yummy dinner of Lasagna and 2 chocolate Lindt Truffles!
Things I know about London:
People are so kind and nice to pregnant ladies!
Everytime I was on the tube (the subway)....some gentleman immediately offered me their seat!
And if the there wasn't a seat, they would make sure that they would ask someone to get up so that I could sit! Isn't that lovely of them?! And boy did I feel like I needed it...I can't believe how nice they are.
One of the guys that helped me get a seat told me that the outer seats are received  for pregnant ladies, older people, and handicapped people...and that is was for me to sit there! ha ha ha

I even had a guy come up as we walked to dinner and ask, "are you pregnant?'...I said yes with a smile, and he said, "oh, you should be at home in bed at this time!" ha ha ha ha...he then told me he just had a little girl named Talulah. And he helped us find a good area to eat....he and his friend waved us a good-night....and waved and blew kisses at my belly saying, "good bye baby!"...they were hilarious!

It is time for me and my round, cheery belly to cozy up in our pillows and have a good sleep!
cheerio from London.....
I love that there is a little area with steps and a railing up to the windows that are shaped in such unique shapes...with a little red chair and table to read, in this room, it reminds me on the bedroom in Peter Pan!
dream of wonderful kandee and her jolly belly


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