Friday, October 15, 2010

me and my babies makin' videos...

this was me and baby belly after we made a video...I love how the costume I had on wouldn't go over my belly! ha ha ha ha

Me and all my precious little ones had so much fun playing on all my lil Blaker sat in the bathroom while I made the videos...he laughed so hard when I'd put the wigs on!

They thought the one "surprise" video that I am still trying to edit was GRRREAT....Alani loved it! Wait til you see! you can click on my: to see the sneak peek!

I love my babies more than anything....I wouldn't trade anything...and exciting night out...some big fancy celebrity jammed party...nothing...means more to my heart and brings me more joy than to just spend the day or evening cuddling with my babies, maybe eating ice cream...and listening to their laughter!

There is no place like home...and no place like being with the little hearts that you love more than anything...and they love you more than anything in return.....

I love making videos...while my Blaker sits on the floor eating his banana, just watching me smiling!

my kids me more to me than I could ever say, and everytime I am pregnant, I think, "how will I love this one as much as the ones I have?".....and then you're heart just grows even bigger, with even more love for this new little love in your life!

big belly and lots of super hungry...your kandee


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