Saturday, October 2, 2010


As my cupcake belly begins to grow...I am disliking a lot of things: 

#1 UNDERWEAR- if I could run around naked and not scare myself or the neighbors I would (ha ha ha)growing larger in the hip section....underwear feels like an trap that is just diggin into my flesh (thanks a lot lady at the maternity store that said I should by the preggo-thongs in my pre-pregnancy size! yeah right!)

#2 BRAS- ok, yeah, each of my boobs weighs about 5 pounds a piece now (refer to #3) a bra does help me heft these girls around all off...even though I refuse to wear underwire bras during pregnancy it still feels like someone is choking ribcage!

#3 SCALES- stepping on the scale yesterday at my midwife's sent me into "I'm seeing, but I sure don't want to be believing!"...I'm sure it was each of my boobs that weigh at least 20 pounds each...ha ha ha!" And my watch and bracelet had to weigh 10 pounds! ha ha ha

#4 BUYING THINGS THAT SOUND GOOD BUT THEY'RE NOT: every pregnancy magazine showed these body pillows for pregnant ladies...I saw a cute one in ZEBRA PRINT (you know i likey those!) was the dumbest contraption that was way to hard and stiff and not supportive at all:
the Preggle Pillow from Amy Coe is cute..functionality: too hard, is not comfortable, does NOT support your tummy, not soft, weird to try to wrap around yourself with this even weirder strap thing that goes on it!
And I went to return it at Babies R Us, and they were all too hard and too weirdy shape....I'll save myself a lot of money and just a buy some big body pillows...that's been my most comfortable in hotels, to just pile 4 pillows around me...belly, legs, back, arms, and head! heaven!

#5 ALLERGIES- it feels like mosquitos have bitten my eyeballs and eyelid, i'm sneezing like a machine, and my eyes are as puffy as the pillows I need to sleep with! ha ha ha I thought allergy season was over! (and yes I've tried all the local honey helpy!)

I DO LIKE: that it's not as hot as's saturday..which always feels like a fancy, fun day to me.....and I got to share a huge slice of cheesecake with my mom for her birthday last night...refer to #3 on my list...ha ha ha ha
huge love and giant sized cheesacake, kandee


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