Monday, January 2, 2012

Party like it's 1999...oh wait...I mean 2012

How to have a wild and crazy New Years....
Me and my sister made a trip to the grocery store, while my mom watched our lil' ones...
My sis (ABOVE), who is preggy looking for goodies at the grocery store...she had to buy snacks and goodies for her trip home (which she did today and I miss her already).

we also got some goodies for our BIG NEW YEARS PARTY- there really wasn't a big party but we did have big time fun!

 This is my hand holding a bottle of the "bubbly"!
Since neither one of us drink, we thought we'd sip some of the sparkling...Martinelli's Sparkling Pricky Pear Lemonade, that is...there's no alcohol in it all- That's how we roll.
 Then...nothing say fun like baking a something yummy.....
So yes, we we're both exhausted, so we did not make anything form scratch, we bought a "funfetti" cake mix and this pink vanilla funfetti icing! And whipped it up when we got home!
We also got a key lime pie- my sister had never tried Key Lime Pie, and I couldn't believe it...we had to buy it.
 I made my sister model this "happy new year" tiara while we waited to check out.
Once home....we watched a few different versions of the "ball drop" in Times Square in NYC, while we played "Catch Phrase"...the most fun game ever! You have to describe the word or phrase to your team mate without using any of the words.
Me and my sister were on a team, and sometimes she barely had to say a word and I'd know what she was talking about! We won alot! ha ha ha ha And I was crying laughing so hard as she tried to describe "JAGUAR" to me....she kept saying, "A fancy car that old people drive that's named like a wild animal", and I kept saying " A  Cougar"...ha ha ha ha ha ha Tears were running down my face I was laughing so hard at the faces and gestures she was making.

We ate lots of cake, pie, caramel popcorn, and all kinds of other sweet things...we laughed, then my mom looked out the window and we saw was so fun!

It was so fun to be cozy at home, with the fireplace, yummy treats, all my family...and laughing so hard I could hardly breathe...watching my mom and brother-in-law try to describe things to each other...just thinking about it make me laugh!

Huge laughs, tons of hugs.....and sending you so much love to start the new year.....
your kandee

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