Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stop! In the name if gifts!

 This is, one of the worst presents I've ever been given..on Christmas or any time.
This "Hamburger Hat", was given to me by my sister.
And believe it or not, I didn't even ask or this!
Now, to those who said, "any hats are mistakes"....I beg to differ. Hats are great....maybe just hamburger hats are mistakes!
I don't even know where my sister finds this stuff! Hamburger Hat...that's so funny!'s my usual blogging in the middle of the night's 2:18am and I just fell asleep sitting up after a long pause from the last paragraph I typed...ha ha ha ha

Off to go get in my hot dog pajamas...just kidding...I only have the hamburger hat.

ketchup and mayo, your burger head, kandee

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