Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Outfit Of The Day - Errand Style

 some people write blogs about their outfit-of-the-days, while they are out on vacations or trips to exotic locations.......
My exotic location: Target
My wild outfit: I heart LONDON hoodie sweathshirt, leopard baggy pants (I think I got them at some cheapo store on Melrose) and my essential winter/comfy boot-that-feels-like-a-slipper UGGS.
 Funny that we are in Target...and I think baby's entire outfit is from Target, too.
Reason why we went to Target: I was hoping they still had some of their red and green Christmas storage boxes...which they did not. Which meant we had to go to Wal-mart....
which is where we saw this:
look carefully and you'll see a pigeon on top of the bird food bag! Inside Walmart! I was thinking, how is the bird going to get back outside- birds aren't supposed to be inside stores. I hope he makes it back outside ok!

I found my storage things...headed home, and now I'm trying to type words that make sense after trying to edit a video and it's 2:20am, and I apologize if there's typos or sentences that don't maek sense. ha ha ha ha

huge love, a cozy clothes....your kandee

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