Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cupcake Pinatas & Love Mats

 This is an awesome vision from my laundry room.....
some Valentine's Heart Mats I got at Target from their bargain section, you know when you first walk in the store and are tempted by all the fun things for only $1!

And Elyse's first birthday countdown has begun......hence the Cupcake Pinata, we also got at Target! Now I will only be using the Pinata as a decoration...since I was little at a bday party and my neighbor got whacked in the head with a bat by the blindfolded "pinata batter"....I'm not a fan of pinatas hanging and a blindfolded kid swinging where other kids want to run! ha ha ha ha
And this is a VERY, VERY old pair of pants that I got at Urban Outfitters like 67 years ago, ok more like 10 years ago, but that's a long time to still wear these babies...the bad thing is they just tie around your waist- no belt, no zipper, no elastic.
So today when I was at the place to get the oil in my car changed (The kids had fun playing with the water machine, we had about 7 cups of water while we waited. Jordan refused to let me take his picture. And then the car was done.) and I went to get up, I was holding the baby in one arm and my phone and wallet in the other, and I realized my pants were sliding down....
I thought: this is not good!

I did some quick maneuvering and re-tied my pants with one hand...I know trick-ay!

And for the first, or maybe the 3rd time, I thought: "maybe I need to retire these pants!"

And since Blakey said that baths and showers make his tummy feel better (he's doing better this afternoon and night)...I've gotten really good at giving him a bath with my left hand while holding baby in my right arm! ha ha ha

empty cupcake pinatas because it's safer, your kandee



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