Friday, January 27, 2012

Beach Baby & A Surfers

It's so fun to feel the sand under your feet....or in your hands!
This was Elyse making a "sand castle"...well, actually she just liked grabbing handfuls then looking at it in her hands...
the best part is she didn't even try to eat it...she just admired it, then put her little handful back on the beach. Her outfit is a Hello Kitty onesie from Old Navy...and her polka dot leggings are from a Disney outfit, that I can't remember where we got it, maybe Ross or Marshall's...but the top has a big scratchy bow, so we never wear it. We no likey, the scratchy clothes.

And this was a cool sequence of pictures...I didn't even notice until I uploaded them, that I got this surfer dude, walking out of the water. He even stopped to wave and say hi to the baby..he couldn't believe she wasn't trying to eat the sand either! He said, "whoa, I've never seen a baby just playing like that and not putting handfuls of sand in their mouth!"

PS. Redonkulously nice weather in Southern feels like summer in January. People in bikinis on the beach, but I'll still wear my clothes.
Today, made me really missed living near at the beach.

And we had a thorough sand removal and hand washing after we spent our few minutes on the beach!

handfuls of sand and may the thought of the smell of suntan lotion make your day feel more relaxing, ahh let's imagine we are all on the beach at one big party- fun-tastic! ...your kandee



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