Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Warriors and My Grocery Posse

 Sometimes do you wake up looking like this?!? ha ha ha
Bet you didn't know that the HULK like Ariel jammies, huh?!
If you didn't know, it's just Ellie wearing Blaker's (as seen in the background in his Angry Birds jammies) mask, this morning...

And last night went a little something like this...
Me and my Grocery Shopping Trader Joe's (but I didn't find that Cookie Butter everyone was telling me about, anywhere- insert sad face)
 All 3 of them had mini carts....
and my ankles only got smashed into, 4 times instead of the usual 467 times...
We are so excited it's the weekend and me and ELLIE filmed a SPECIAL  VIDEO:
that will be up on my The Kandee Johnson Show channel on youtube- click here to see that channel.
Blakey also filmed his FAVORITES TOO- it's got lots of Angry Birds!

AND, mama bear (aka me), is uploading MY FAVORITES today on my main channelito on here to see that baby!

WOOOO HOOOO it's the weekend baby!!! Saturdays are my favorite!!!
I hug you like a hug song baby, kandee


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