Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pictures Can Be Deceiving: Dinner Last Night

Yes, this was dinner at my house last night.
Sure it's might look good.
And yes, my roasted broccolli is so stinkin' good, the kids eat it like candy.
But my pasta sauce, was so's just like recipes on Pinterest...
The pictures look great, they say things like: Pin now read later, or The Best "whatever-it-is" you'll ever taste, only to leave you with actually making it and it is no where near the "best anything"! ha ha
 My poor pasta before it became victim to my gross sauce.
And below is the said GROSS SAUCE...why you ask?
I tried to make some roasted tomato and pumpkin sauce with parmesan, and it just came out so disgusting...I had to whip up an alternative something to eat! ha ha ha
I hope this makes anyone who's tried a "you're gonna love this recipe" from Pinterest and it came out so awful, or you try to be creative and whip something up only to regret the moment it touched yout's ok. I do it, and did it too!

Not Julia Childs, but just Kandee

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