Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Call of Duty...

After I came home  (and by that, I mean hotel) from filming at the Youtube offices in London... we went out to find food.  Ellie in her Ergo Carrier and we had to point out Call of Duty for all the gamers out there! (AKA my Jordan)

Ellie. Her Favorite Hat. Favorite Blanket. Favorite stroller. New Favorite city, London.

 We got a flat tire in Ellie's bob stroller...Ellie testing out bikes whiole her "ride" got repaired:

 now the sad part of our night.....
you see that little cream colored puffball? YES, THAT IS ELLIE'S FAVORITE LITTLE HAT! The gust of wind coming out of the tube sucked her right off her head and blew it below the tracks!
I thought of jumping down there to get it for a split-second, then the thought of me getting hit by the train stopped me. We told the manager and he got it for us later when they closed the tube.

Hat is back, sad Ellie is happy again- she was pointing and crying..."haaaat! hat mama!",  hugs from London!


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