Thursday, February 28, 2013

What Happens When You Say Smile

Ellie is our lil' smile-happy-making-machine...she just makes us all smile.
This was her outfit of the day.
 She insists on having her nails polished. It even ended up all over my pajama pants last night...
But the best part is...this is what she did when I said: SMIIIIIILE:
 After she did this awesome pose....
we went to the dentist....
which is where we will also be going at the crack of sunrise for the rest of everyone's dentist I wish we could've all gotten them done yesterday, at the same time.....ugh

We ate BBQ food for dinner....and we didn't have dessert because we went and got frozen yogurt before dinner, because sometimes that's just fun to do. Try it sometime. Be a dessert rebel.

if only I had a frozen yogurt machine in my house...or actually the FlavorBurst machine because that's my favorite....ahhhh dreaming of Flavor Burst frozen yogurt in Butter Pecan flavor, kandee

PS. Please, please with a cherry and rainbow sprinkles on top, will you go vote for me HERE
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