Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whoops I forgot to post this...

this was our "happy November Party"....to ring in the month right...
(above: ellie strapped into her highchair...which is somewhere she doesn't normally like to sit anymore, or really ever! ha ha h)
We had a night of 2 things we don't normally buy or eat/drink....
hot dogs (which I have not liked for years....but we got these Kosher ones that I don't mind- I got food poisoning from a hot dog when I was a kid, and have never really craved them since)
 my mom cut crescent rolls and wrapped sliced up hot dogs with the crescent rolls...and I must admit, I ate more tha I thought of those babies!
 This was my empty bowl up pumpkin soup! Yumzay!

and for dessert, well, we actually made 3 desserts! ha ha ha ha But this one was cinnamon sugar puff pastries that my mama made!

We had fun...we played games, I bought the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie for us to watch, but we played games and ate yummy things too late, we didn't have time for the movie!

Ha ha ha ha...I think everyone should have a "happy first of the month" party....it will take the limelight off the bills and rent that need to be paid...and shine some excitement on the fresh new month full of newness and fresh starts!

hugs and puff pastries, your kandee


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